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    What is it all about

    A bit about Steam®

    Steam is now the number one spot for PC gamers to get their hands on the latest AAA releases as well as Indie titles. A core part of the gaming experience today, PC gamers ALWAYS scour Steam for the latest and greatest deals on hot PC games and old school favorites, looking to add to their collection without having to crush their Steam Wallets at the same time.

    The Steam Summer Sale is probably when this platform sees the most action, particularly as it’s possible to grab game licenses and downloads for next to nothing – even on some of the biggest and most popular titles. Deals of 50% off or more are commonplace when the Steam Summer Sale is in full swing!

    Of course, not all games are going to be up for sale at deep discounts during that deal – or any other, for that matter. But that’s where our Steam Wallet codes come into play.

    Steam credits added to your Steam Wallet instantly

    Every week, as part of our commitment to the gaming community and in celebration of our huge Facebook fan page, we give away all kinds of Steam Wallet codes. Gamers are going to be able to grab codes for at least one brand new title, but sometimes we give away enough Steam Wallet codes for players to add three or more games to their collection!

    There might not be a better (or easier) way to get your hands on the latest and greatest PC games, all without ever having to spend a single penny of your own money along the way.

    Of course, we can’t guarantee that you’re going to win one of these Steam Wallet codes. But since we run offers like this every week, your odds are pretty high – and we’re always completely transparent about the timing of the giveaway, the rules of the giveaway, the winners of the giveaway, and everything else that might help you to pull off the win!

    So like and follow our Facebook fan page today, make sure notifications are on and come back every couple of days to learn about the new contests, giveaways, and the rest of the latest news and updates we’re always sharing with the gaming community. You’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to miss out on everything that our special deals and offers bring to the table!

    How to claim and redeem code

    We'll teach you step-by-step, how to claim your Steam Wallet code and then how to redeem it directly on Steam's official website.

    How to claim the code

    Since you're reading this guide, you are most likely already on our site, unless this is re-posted somewhere else (steam-wallet.com). Go to our "Home" page, and you will see a form, where only two fields are required.

    1. Enter your e-mail address on which you will receive the code. Given e-mail address does not have to be associated with Steam Powered "TM" account.
    2. Select the code value that you'd like to receive. Sometimes some of the possible amounts will be out of stock, and you won't be able to select that value.

    Hit confirm button and what you'll see next is a dialog with user-friendly progress output. Give it a few seconds, and the next thing you'll see is another dialog. This time it asks you to complete an offer to claim your code. You may be saying at this point "Oh no! Again some stupid offers, full of viruses. It's fake; I'll hit someone or something.", but the reality is, it's a requirement and the only way we can provide codes and giveaways, so bear with us.

    How to redeem the code

    If you'd like to follow original gude, here's the Steam's official reference, but we're going to simplify it a bit in our tutorial below.

    1. Visit official Steam's wallet.
    2. Sign in if you aren't already or create an account if you're new to Steam.
    3. In "Steam Wallet Code" field, enter your code and click continue.